Why does Galagic exist?

The moon eclipses the sun. Source image ‘IMG_20170829_165725’ (link) by leaf watoru (link) is licensed under CC-BY-2.0 (link).

There are three things that brought me to the point of starting my own company:

  • Ideas worth building Over the years I’ve kept a note of interesting ideas but many have only been tangentially related to my day job. Now I am at the point of having the time and skills to build them.

  • Aligning effort with passion I have been lucky to have roles in the past that have been totally absorbing and I am the type to be consumed by my work. However this leaves little energy for anything else. I realised if I didn’t align my occupation with the ideas I wanted to pursue they would never happen.

  • Perfect working conditions The most productive times I’ve had were working in small teams that were left alone with a clear goal. However these moments have been short-lived. I want to create a working environment that is always agile.

What kind of software company will Galagic be? Free and sustainable:

  • Free As the use of computer technology grows in daily life so does the need for the software running it to be open, respectful and available to all. Free/libre and open source software (FLOSS) offers the best way to guarantee this.

  • Sustainable I was always struck by the idea of sustainable pace from Extreme Programming. This concept now has its equivalent in business: zebras. These are companies that aim for sustainable prosperity over exponential growth.